Practicing for Coding, Algorithms and Data Structures Interviews

About 50% of the companies I interviewed for a software engineering manager position required a coding interview on a whiteboard or computer. Here is a list of the most up-to-date resources for preparing for the coding interview.

There are popular books such as Cracking the Coding Interview and sites like the following where you can practice:

Also interesting is Coding Interview University a GitHub repo with over 100K stars containing a massive amount of resources to prepare you well for a technical interview at just about any software company, including the giants: Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. There is also a popular repo with System Design prep material.

One of the best resources I found for preparing was Use this code jojfu-46 for 15% off.

Here is a video from Google “How to: Work at Google — Candidate Coaching Session for Technical Interviewing.”

Cracking the Coding Interview at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2018

I discuss more tips for the Coding, Algorithms and Data Structures Interviews in my new book The Software Engineering Manager Interview Guide.

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