IF I ONLY KNEW… Never lower your bar in hiring! Never do that!

At one of my previous companies, I lowered my bar and made a bad hiring.  We were looking for a new team member and spent months interviewing. After some consideration, we decided to extend an offer to a candidate who was “almost there”.  I agreed with our panel that we could coach the person in the area they were not very strong. This turned out to be one of my biggest mistakes.

My team and I then had to spend the next 6 months to help the individual but ended up letting them go as they failed the improvement plan.  We wasted everyone’s time, including the new hire and hurt team morale as well. Hiring the wrong person is worse than hiring no one. Since then, I learned my lesson and always keep my bar high.

Halam Le

Current role:  Engineering Manager, Productivity Engineering @ Twitch
Reach me at Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/halamle/

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