16 Blogs On Engineering Management And Leadership You May Not Know About

The following blogs are all from previous guests on managersclub.com. You may not know about all these blogs but they are based on the real-life experience of engineering managers. Many of these are on medium so you can easily follow them.

I’ve also added links to their engineering management interviews on managersclub.com.


  1. http://allenc.com/articles/. Articles on engineering leadership by Allen Cheung, Senior Director of Engineering at Affirm.
  2. https://www.tombartel.me/ – Thoughts on software engineering and engineering management by Tom Bartel
  3. https://matthewnewkirk.com/  “NotSoSoftware Because software development can be hard” blog by Matt Newkirk Engineering Manager at Etsy.
  4. https://medium.com/@Bar_Code/latest Articles by Brent Baisley VP of Engineering, Ticket Evolution. “Architect of systems, people, and teams. Leadership mentor. I connect the dots of code, systems, and people.”
  5. https://medium.com/@yagiz/latest Articles by Yagiz Erkan, VP of Technology at Motive Retail. “Technical leader in software development. Servant of Engineering, Product and IT teams. Avid reader. Passionate communicator of ideas and experiences.”
  6. https://medium.com/@kimber_lockhart Articles by Kimber Lockhart CTO @ One Medical
  7. https://ruiper.es/ Ramblings about code by Rui Peres, Engineering Manager at Babylon Health.
  8. https://www.intercom.com/blog/author/rich_archbold/ Inside Intercom: by Rich Archbold, Senior Director Of Engineering at Intercom.
  9. https://medium.com/@traviskimmel Articles by Travis Kimmel CEO of GitPrime.
  10. https://www.jrothman.com/blogs/ Blog by Johanna Rothman who helps managers and leaders do reasonable things that work. She is the author of 14 books and counting.
  11. https://ronlichty.com/ and http://managingtheunmanageable.net/. Articles by Ron Lichty Consultant, Interim VP Engineering and Author on Software Engineering Management. Ron is the co-author of Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams.
  12. http://pragmati.st/ The “pragmatist” by Patrick Joyce, Director of Engineering at Stitch Fix.
  13. https://medium.com/@cgroom Articles by Chuck Groom, Director of Engineering at VTS. “I have 18+ years experience as an entrepreneur and software engineer.”
  14. http://eisabainyo.net/weblog/ “Technology Career. Leadership. Life. The Intersection – where technology career, leadership, and life intersect. “ blog by Ei Sabai (Isabel) Engineering Leader, Technologist, Author, and Speaker.
  15. http://blog.benjamin-encz.de/ [Thinking inside a large box]; by Benjamin Encz, Director of Engineering at PlanGrid
  16. https://medium.com/@kawomersley Articles by Katie Womersley Director of Engineering @Buffer.

Missing Any?

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments below!

Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

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