13 Engineering Leaders to Follow on Twitter in 2019

Here is a list of who I consider the most useful and influential 13 engineering leaders on Twitter. There are many management and leadership influencers on Twitter but what makes this list special is they all have experience as engineering leaders.

Also, many of these engineering leaders have been interviewed on managersclub.com so I included links to their interviews so you can learn more about them.

Juan Pablo Buritica

@buritica distributed eng team leadership & VPE @splice. Tweets often on leadership and management.

Read interview: https://www.managersclub.com/interview-with-juan-pablo-buritica-vice-president-of-engineering/

Ron Lichty

@RonLichty ‏

Software Engineering Management, untangling organizational knots, creating roadmaps, delivering great products. Author, Programmer, Service, Integrity.

Ron is the co-author of Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams. Read interview: https://www.managersclub.com/ron-lichty/

Katie Womersley

@katie_womers ‏

VP of Engineering @buffer O’Reilly author http://buff.ly/2lPnGsb I love it when you flourish ✨🌈 (she/her)

Read interview: https://www.managersclub.com/katie-womersley/

Marcus Blankenship


Leadership Coach, Author, Management Trainer, Geek

Read interview: https://www.managersclub.com/marcus-blankenship/

Michael Lopp

@rands ‏

VP of Product Engineering @ @slackhq. i bang on keyboards and write about leadership, pens, bikes, backpacks, and werewolves.

Michael is author of Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager. Read interview: https://www.managersclub.com/michael-lopp/

Ei Sabai (Isabel)

@eisabai ‏

Engineering Leader, Technologist, Author, Speaker | Book: http://amazon.com/dp/B07DZGBF59 | Shop: http://womenintechnology.threadless.com/ …

Read interview: https://www.managersclub.com/isabel-nyo-engineering-manager-technologist-writer-speaker-mother/

Robby Russell 🐘 🚂


VP Engineering/Partner @PlanetArgon. Creator of @ohmyzsh. Host @Maintainable software podcast. Guitarist in @MightyMissoula. he/him/his

Read interview: https://www.managersclub.com/interview-with-robby-russell-vp-engineering-partner-at-planet-argon-llc/

Erin M. Kidwell


Engineering Manager Tools & Services at Netflix.

Read interview: https://www.managersclub.com/erin-kidwell/

Karen Cohen


Engineering Manager and Product Architect at Wix.com

I help people and systems work better together | Opinions are my own

Read interview: https://www.managersclub.com/interview-with-karen-cohen-engineering-manager-and-product-architect-at-wixcom/

Lara Hogan


Management/Leadership coach and trainer. Author of Resilient Management. Co-founder of Wherewithall, former VPE. Forever an engineering manager.

Christian McCarrick


CTO / VP of Engineering, technology #leadership evangelist, father, drummer, book junkie and insatiably curious. Podcast: http://bit.ly/simpleleadership

Meri Williams 🌈 💪🏾


CTO @monzo 🚀 Trustee @StonewallUK 🏳️‍🌈 Chair @TheLeadDev 🎤 Advisor @KindredVC. Alum @MOO @GDSteam @ProcterGamble. Wife to @ellywilliams.

Julia Grace


Senior Director of Engineering at @SlackHQ. @jewelbots advisor. @computerhistory board member. @unccs alum. Runner.

Missing Any?

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Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

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  1. i think it would be good to have a similar list for quora..

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